Spiderweb Snacks

Spider Web Snack (7).JPG

Travis is so into spiders lately: finding them in our new home; discovering their webs in the garage; you name it. So no better way to foster his interest than to make a spider-themed snack! We actually tried to do this craft once before, but lacked a good vegan white chocolate at the time. This time turned out so much better. As a bonus, the webs are an example of circular symmetry, something we’e been studying lately in our play.

First, arrange 5 or 6 pretzels as the spokes of the web on wax paper.

Spider Web Snack (4)

Meanwhile, place vegan white chocolate and non-dairy chocolate chips in zip-top bags and place in glass jars.

Spider Web Snack (1)

Fill the jars with hot water (a grown-up step). Travis loved watching the chocolate turn from solid to melted in this method.

Spider Web Snack (3)

Remove the bags from the water and snip a small hole in the bottom corner. We piped a big circle of chocolate in the center, and added a few raisin “flies” as victims. Oh no!

Spider Web Snack (5)

Pipe additional circles of white chocolate to form each web.

Spider Web Snack (6)

Then each web got a big melted chocolate spider. They were tarantulas, Travis decided. We ran out of white chocolate, so made one dark chocolate web as well. Transfer the wax paper to the fridge to cool.

Spider Web Snack alt

The webs will set quite quickly, at which point you can peel them off the wax paper for a neat reveal. It turned out that the dark chocolate web peeled off more easily, but they all were fantastically creepy and fun!

Spider Web Snack var


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