Sensory Pumpkin Decorating

Sensory Pumpkin Decorating (8)

This activity is half sensory bin, half a way to decorate a pumpkin with your toddler without pulling out the carving knives. Which adds up to 100% fun!

I wanted an assortment of items to decorate our pumpkins, aiming for a variety of textures. I also wanted to stick to a white and black color scheme for Halloween. So in a shallow craft tray, I lined up: dried corn, black feathers, uncooked white rice, black birdseed, and white sesame seeds.

Sensory Pumpkin Decorating (1)

You can mix and match based on what you have on hand, but aim for a nice variety of texture and size. Veronika immediately wanted to dig through the items in the tray with little plastic cups, so things didn’t stay in their “area” for long.

Sensory Pumpkin Decorating (2)

But I loved watching her explore all the texture. She especially seemed to like those fluffy craft feathers!

Sensory Pumpkin Decorating (5)

Meanwhile, I set to work making the first pumpkin for her. Add big dabs of glue to a pumpkin with a craft stick, working around the stem. I then sprinkled one of our sensory materials on each portion.

Sensory Pumpkin Decorating (3)

These made a neat ring around the stem once I had finished, and now she could feel along them for a great sensory experience.Sensory Pumpkin Decorating (4)

I left the decorating of the second pumpkin entirely up to her. She poured the glue around the top in a full ring, then used her little plastic cup to scoop and pour.

Sensory Pumpkin Decorating (7)

The end result was a neat mishmash of all the items.

Sensory Pumpkin Decorating (9)

I loved that the sensory play was part of both the decorating process and the final product.

Sensory Pumpkin Decorating (10)

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