Sparkly and Googly Eyed Pumpkins

Sparkly Googly Pumpkins (8)

We had three mini pumpkins that were just begging to be decorated. And this craft will cater perfectly to your toddler’s messy instincts!

I set out little cups of glue and a few filled with large sequins and wiggle eyes, and placed these all on a craft tray. The idea was that the tray would contain most of the mess.

Sparkly Googly Pumpkins (1)

Well, Veronika had other ideas. Before we even started, she began transferring sequins from cup to cup and then dumped them all over the floor. (“Well, that’s a mess,” said big brother Travis!).

Sparkly Googly Pumpkins (3)

This didn’t deter us one bit! I showed her how to spread glue on the pumpkins with a paintbrush. Once they were good and sticky, we could liberally apply the sequins.

Sparkly Googly Pumpkins (6)

I thought she might want to dump them on, but Veronika loved carefully applying one at a time!

Sparkly Googly Pumpkins (4)

The wiggle eyes added fun and slightly kooky character.

Sparkly Googly Pumpkins (5)

Needless to say, we made a mess, but we had a blast.

Sparkly Googly Pumpkins (7)

Note: Because the sequins could be a hazard for wildlife, I recommend displaying these particular no-carve pumpkins indoors.

Sparkly Googly Pumpkins (9)


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