Halloween Countdown Day 10: Haunted Snacks

Jack O Orange (5)

Halloween lends itself so easily to food play, transforming simple fruits and veggies into haunted treats with just a few tricks. To wit, today the kids enjoyed banana ghosts and jack o’ lantern clementines as part of our countdown to the big shindig.

For the “Casper Ghosts”, peel a banana and carefully cut in half lengthwise. Curvier bananas are better for this, because you’ll get that perfect curled ghost tail.

Halloween 10 Casper Banana

Add three chocolate chips: two for eyes, and one for the round O of a mouth.

Halloween 10 Casper Banana (2)

Now it was the kids’ job to make the ghosts “disappear”, a task they were happily up to. Starting with the eyes of course!

For a Jack-o’-Orange, first draw jack o’ lantern features on the skin of a clementine. Show your kids how to poke whole cloves in along the lines.

Jack O Orange (1)

This was tricky for Veronika, but I helped her poke cloves straight in, or she simply enjoyed sprinkling them on top as I worked.

Jack O Orange (2)

She was delighted by her end result!

Jack O Orange (4)

Travis, meanwhile, took the task so seriously and concentrated hard as he worked his way around the lines I’d drawn.

Jack O Orange (6)

He loved it so much he wanted to make another as a present for his great-grandmother!

Jack O Orange (8)

These oranges really are more potpourri decor than a snack (they’ll make your kitchen smell amazing!), so make sure there are extra clementines on hand to satisfy your little beasties.

Jack O Orange (3)


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