Party Tablecloth

Party Tablecloth (3)

This is an easy and fun way to get even a toddler involved with the decoration for his or her own birthday party. Set out a long piece of craft paper, along with coloring supplies, stamps, or stickers, and let the fun begin!

Veronika loved the ink pad and tractor stamp I handed over in anticipation of her tractor-themed party. She dotted it all over the paper, with a little mommy help to make sure the ink prints were dark enough for guests to see.

Party Tablecloth (2)

Then she wanted to use markers. I gave her green and yellow since these were the party theme colors, although she asked for blue, too!

Party Tablecloth (1)

If you have stickers or even images cut from magazines that fit your child’s birthday theme, add those, too. It was the perfect homemade touch to the decor for her second birthday party! We even got half of a little footprint in red ink, making it a neat keepsake

Party Tablecloth (4)


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