Make a Snowscape Window

Snowscape Window (8)

We had a rain storm today, but the kids definitely wished it was snow instead. Luckily, I had a quick way we could turn at least one window into a snowy landscape.

I set out two paper plates, one filled with torn pieces of white tissue paper and the other with watered down Mod Podge. I showed Veronika how to dip a paintbrush in the Mod Podge mixture and then smear it all over the window of the playroom.

Snowscape Window (2)

She loved doing this, and was also thrilled that she got to stand on a chair while doing so. My big girl!

Snowscape Window (5)

As we covered the window in the Mod Podge, we then added pieces of tissue paper which will stick right on. I guided the placement of the tissue paper only slightly so it roughly formed a bell curve, mimicking the look of a snowdrift.

Snowscape Window (4)

If your kids have crafted any small Christmas trees from foam or felt this holiday season, you can tape these up to your snowy landscape. In a pinch, we added a few tree with washable green paint.

Snowscape Window (7)

The internet leads me to believe all of this will wash off easily once December is over, and my fingers are crossed!

Snowscape Window (6)

But in the meantime, Veronika’s artwork now makes the perfect backdrop for the rest of our Christmas decor.

Snowscape Window alt


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