Dancing Puppets

Dancing Puppet (8)

After engineering puppets for his latest Kiwi Crate, Travis had fun making this super-simple version from supplies we had around the house.

Dancing Puppet (1)

To start, all he needed was an empty toilet paper tube. Punch two holes near the top; they’ll look almost like eyes at this point, but aren’t for that purpose.

Dancing Puppet (2)

For the arms, cut two strips of construction paper that are the same length as the tube. Punch two holes near one end of each strip, and attach a paper clip to the other end.

Line up the bottom hole of each arm with the holes in the tube; insert a brad, and fasten. Loop string through the top hole of each arm, and secure at the top with a knot.

Dancing Puppet (4)

Now all Travis had to do was pull down on the string to make the arms rise!

Dancing Puppet (5)

This made a funny, wobbly puppet, and Travis knew exactly how he wanted to decorate the face: as a “Shadowtrooper” from Star Wars.

Dancing Puppet (7)

No wonder he chose black paper for the arms! Your kids can have fun making a whole bunch of these simple puppets and decorating any way they choose.

Dancing Puppet (6)


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