Star of David

Star of David (6)

Travis has been learning about different winter festivals at school, so today we made two versions of the iconic Star of David to celebrate the start of Hanukkah. These crafts turned out quite pretty, and are easy enough even for younger siblings to join in.

For the first version, we twisted two yellow pipe cleaners into triangles and then glued them one atop the other. Drizzle with extra glue and sprinkle with glitter!

Star of David (1)

For the second version, we painted 6 craft sticks yellow and then glued them into 2 triangles. Glue one triangle on top of the other, drizzle with extra glue and add more glitter. The glitter was definitely Veronika’s favorite part!

Star of David (2)

Note: Next time I would use blue glitter for a better final result. The gold glitter we tried didn’t look as nice as we hoped against the yellow background. They were still pretty, though!

Star of David (4)


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