Christmas Tree Magnets

Christmas Tree Magnets (4)

Veronika loves to stand at the fridge and reorganize the alphabet magnets I keep there year-round, so I thought she would enjoy this Christmas spin on the activity! I saved up lots of baby food jar lids for this game, but frozen juice can lids would work, too.

I wanted to cover the majority of the lids in green felt to form the outline of a Christmas tree, but also added a few in shades of blue for ornaments and one brown (for the tree trunk).

Christmas Tree Magnets (1)

Trace the lid onto your various colors of felt and cut out, then attach to the underside of each lid with hot glue.

Christmas Tree Magnets (2)

Next, use hot glue to attach magnets onto the top of each lid. I cut these from a strip of magnet tape, which you can purchase online or in craft stores.

Christmas Tree Magnets (3)

They were now an instant mix-and-match puzzle for her on the fridge! I started with the lids in the shape of a Christmas tree so she could see the possibility, but of course she soon had her own agenda.

Christmas Tree Magnets (5)

She loved sorting the lids by color.

Christmas Tree Magnets (7)

Or just mixing and matching them.

Christmas Tree Magnets (6)

I love that she can return to these for the rest of the holiday season any time she trots by the fridge. Have fun seeing how many different kinds of tree you can design!

Christmas Tree Magnets (8)


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