Slippery Sledding Bin

Slippery Sledding Bin (4)

When your kids wake up to a huge snowstorm outside and sledding is in the near future, but it’s too windy and cold to go sledding just yet… Take the toys sledding instead!

I loved the set-up for this activity because it required only one ingredient: shaving cream. I turned a glass bowl upside down over a craft tray and sprayed liberally with shaving cream. The kids were sort of in awe that mommy was doing this!

Slippery Sledding Bin (2)

Smooth down into an even layer, then add toys and send them sledding! Lids from the kitchen make perfect sleds for Playmobil figures (we used one from a peanut jar).

Slippery Sledding Bin (1)

We also have a few Little People figures who came with their own skis and slids, and they were perfect for sending down the “hill”.

Slippery Sledding Bin (4)

Travis loved having figures face plant in the snow!

Slippery Sledding Bin (5)

Veronika just thought it was amazing to see how slippery and soapy the tray was, making it more of a sensory game for her.

Slippery Sledding Bin (7)

This was messy for sure, but a fun way to start the morning.

Slippery Sledding Bin (8)

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