Blowing a Kiss Christmas Card

Blow Kiss Card (7)

This would be a fantastic idea for a holiday card to faraway relatives any year, but particularly in this year of COVID-19, we plan to send a copy even to relatives who live close by.

To make the card, all you need is to capture your kids on camera blowing a kiss. It was so cute to coach Veronika through this.

Blow Kiss Card (1)

Travis happily demonstrated, and then I had the pictures printed at the drugstore and we were ready to design the rest of the card! Veronika loved seeing the prints of herself and big brother.

Blow Kiss Card (3)

I folded red construction paper in half and we used glue sticks to attach the photos.

Blow Kiss Card (4)

While Veronika happily scribbled on extra scrap paper, I wrote the following message in each card:

We can’t see you this Christmas

but we’re blowing you kisses

And sending you wishes.

Blow Kiss Card (5)

Veronika helped add a few puffy Christmas stickers on the cover of each to complete the project.

Blow Kiss Card (8)

For a slightly different look, you can have the words printed directly onto the photo and mail it more like a postcard. But I like that our version of the card was so easy and quick to make.

Blow Kiss Card (9)

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