Dance Like a Penguin

Dance Like a Penguin (3)

If a cold winter day means your kids have extra energy to burn in the house, chances are you need some movement play. To wit, today we invented this arctic animal dancing game!

Veronika has a toy penguin that she currently loves, so I’ve been showing her how to “waddle” like a penguin. The silly movement is always good fun for toddlers. And heck, it’s fun and silly for moms and dads, too.

Dance Like a Penguin (8)

Then it was just a matter of cranking up the music and doing our best waddle along to the tunes!

Dance Like a Penguin (7)

Veronika, of course, didn’t always stick with a waddle, but that didn’t matter now that she was getting in her movement play. Soon she was marching or twirling or knee-high stepping to the beat.

Dance Like a Penguin (10)

She loved making her little penguin bounce along, too!

Dance Like a Penguin (4)

This gave us the idea to think of how other winter animals would move to the beat. Could we lumber along like a polar bear? Clap like a seal? Jump like an arctic hare?

Dance Like a Penguin (11)

No matter what we were pretending to be, there were big smiles and lots of movement.

Dance Like a Penguin (12)

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