Crayon Color Sorting

Crayon Color Sorting (6)

Veronika is obsessed with colors right now, not just in English but Spanish, too (thanks to big brother’s Zoom class!). So when I came home with a big new box of Crayola crayons, she immediately wanted all los colores. I seized the perfect opportunity for a color-sorting game.

To set up, simply tape paint chips (available for free at hardware stores) to the individual cups of a muffin tin, and then encourage your toddler to add each crayon to the correct cup.

Crayon Color Sorting (2)

I pointed out the first few, using both English and Spanish words. “Where should you put verde green?” I asked her. “What about blue azul?”

Crayon Color Sorting (4)

She was great about sorting at first…

Crayon Color Sorting (7)

…though of course she soon also wanted to mix and match, or transfer the crayons back into and out of the box.

Crayon Color Sorting (5)

In sum, an easy and fun color game for toddlers.

Crayon Color Sorting (8)


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