Party Creatures

Party Creatures (5)

Good bye to 2020; I don’t think anyone is going to miss it! We wanted to launch into the new year with the prettiest party possible from home, so put together these fun confetti poppers!

To start, knot a balloon and then snip off a bit of the end opposite the knot. Fit the balloon over an empty toilet paper roll and secure with duct tape.

Party Creatures (2)

Next, we chose a pretty patterned paper to cover each roll. After that, each tube needed some silly adornments! We glued wiggle eyes onto pom poms, which were then added to each tube along with twisted sparkly chenille stems.

Party Creatures (4)

These creatures were ready to party! Your kids might even want to name them. Popping Pat? Confetti Carly? Anything alliterative and silly fits the bill.

For confetti, Travis used a hole punch to make circles from sparkly construction paper (or cardstock would work, too). This was a neat homemade twist on confetti but took lots of effort, so we also added a few packs of sequins from the store.

Party Creatures (3)

Now set the creatures aside until it’s time to count down to midnight! After that, the kids helped fill up each tube with the confetti.

Party Creatures (6)

Pull back on the knot of the balloon to launch. Five, four, three, two, one: Happy New Year!

Party Creatures (7)

We are wishing a very happy and healthy 2021 to all.


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