Chinese Paper Dragons

Dragon Puppet (8)

Chinese New Years won’t technically fall until February 12, 2021, but these dragon puppets still felt fun to make as we made the transition to 2021 as festive as possible!

To make each dragon, I first cut sheets of construction paper in half vertically, then glued them together into one extra long strip. You’ll need two pieces like this for each dragon; Travis chose black and blue and Veronika chose black and purple.

Dragon Puppet (1)

I wouldn’t normally recommend using hot glue on paper, but in this case it was the most secure way to glue one strip to the other, perpendicular to each other. Fold up accordion-style.

Dragon Puppet (2)

We then cut extra sheets of construction paper to be the heads and tails (rounding the heads slightly and cutting the tails into a triangle point). Use hot glue to add to either end of the body.

Dragon Puppet (5)

Just a few final touches were needed now! Veronika helped glue feathers and bright buttons onto each face, and we added additional features with marker.

Dragon Puppet (7)

Our dragons were ready to rock and roar.

Dragon Puppet (9)

We’re looking forward to the upcoming Year of the Ox!

Chinese Dragon alt


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