New Year’s Traditions

New Years Traditions (4)

If ever there was a year to ring in with as many lucky traditions as possible, then 2021 is it! To wit, the kids had fun testing out customs from three other countries to start the year on the right foot.

For the first, we tried this Colombian tradition of wishing for travel and adventure in the year ahead: take a suitcase for a walk!

New Years Traditions (3)

Of course the kids wanted to pack theirs up (with stuffed animals and socks!) before we took a silly stroll around the neighborhood.

New Years Traditions (5)

Next up, it was time to leap into the new year – literally! Apparently a Danish tradition, I gave Travis permission to jump from the coffee table to the couch. The kids also perfected their jumping skills from couch to floor.

New Years Traditions (1)

And finally, we invited good luck into our home by opening up all the kitchen cabinets just before bed, a tradition from the Philippines meant to bring good fortune. (If you live in a warm enough climate, open up doors and windows, too!).

New Years Traditions (6)

What lucky traditions will you use this New Years? Please share in the comments!


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