Tweezers & Goldfish

Tweezers & Goldfish (9)

I loved this activity the moment I spotted it on Teaching Mama, but one problem prevented us from doing it right away: store-bought goldfish are not vegan, not even the pretzels!

Luckily, I have a fish-shaped cookie cutter from an old project, and could make a batch at home (this time I used the recipe from Nature’s Path, with regular flour and mixing by hand instead of in a food processor. Veronika was so excited seeing the fish crackers in the oven, and couldn’t wait to see what we’d do with them (and to taste them!).

Tweezers & Goldfish (3)

As the fish baked in the oven, I drew six fish bowls with marker on a piece of white poster board, and labeled them 1-6.

Tweezers & Goldfish (2)

Ding! The fish were done. Well of course first we tried them for a snack. Then I set out a bowl of the fish along with a pair of oversize tweezers and the fishbowl chart.

Tweezers & Goldfish (4)

I had Veronika name each number as review; she can recognize numerals up to 10 now. Next, I told her we had to fill each fish bowl with the correct number of fish! I showed her how to pinch up one fish with the tweezers and transfer to the bowl marked 1.

Tweezers & Goldfish (5)

Working together, we pinched and transferred and counted to fill each bowl.

Tweezers & Goldfish (6)

And of course there was lots of happy snacking along the way.

Tweezers & Goldfish (7)


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