DIY Rainbow Salt Tray

DIY Rainbow Salt (3)

This colored salt activity looks beautiful, is great for sensory play, and is guaranteed to keep your toddler busy.

Preparation is remarkably easy. For the best result, you want to use large salt crystals, rather than regular table salt. I used kosher salt, but rock salt would have been even better! I poured a little salt into each of 6 zip-top plastic bags, then added food coloring to each, mixing two colors where needed to result in a full rainbow. Seal the bags and shake to combine. Your toddler might want to help with this part!

DIY Rainbow Salt (1)

I then arranged the salts in rainbow rows on a craft tray. In remarkably short time (only about 30 minutes), the color on the salt had dried and was ready for play.

DIY Rainbow Salt (2)

I had no agenda for Veronika other than to enjoy! I set out small glass jars and she immediately was spooning salt into them. She loved seeing or choosing what color was on her spoon…

DIY Rainbow Salt (5)

…as well as observing the mix of colors that resulted in the jars.

DIY Rainbow Salt (8)

Then she started pouring from one jar to another instead of using spoons, great for her fine motor skills and her concentration!

DIY Rainbow Salt (9)

I think she was busy making potions.

DIY Rainbow Salt (7)

She did sometimes spoon or stir through the salt on the tray, but the jars were the main draw today.

DIY Rainbow Salt (10)

How long did Veronika play solo? Let’s just say I had time to finish the Sunday puzzle page. When she started picking up handfuls of it to scatter on the floor, we called it quits for clean-up!

DIY Rainbow Salt (11)


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