Earth Hour

Earth Hour (4)

We learned last minute that Earth Hour is tonight, an hour to turn off the lights in honor of our planet. We started the hour on a serious note, watching this important video about the impact humans have on Earth, ways we can save resources, and how it all links to the pandemic that has had the entire globe reeling for a year now.

I didn’t want the activity to feel too heavy for my six-year-old, though, so knew we’d have to have some fun in that dark hour, too. Luckily, Travis’s Highlights magazine had us covered with 5 ideas once the lights went out!

One: Paint glow-in-the-dark self portraits. I pulled out a few tubes of glow-in-the dark paint and we each made silly cartoon depictions of ourselves. Travis loved activating the paint with a flashlight, then turning it off to see the glow!

Earth Hour (1)

Two: Write in the dark. Along the same lines, next we tried writing then turned on a flashlight to see how we’d done. Older kids can write lines of poetry or stories. Travis was so proud just to spell out his little sister’s name!

Three: Put on a shadow play. You could do this with your hands or bodies, but Travis thought it was best with Lego figures. One person shines a light and the other holds the toys to reenact favorite scenes. It was fun to see how small or big he could make the shadow, depending on the distance he stood from the Lego.

Earth Hour (6)

Four: Have a flashlight battle. Easily the favorite, everyone switches on a flashlight and lightsaber action ensues. Bonus points for the best “zzzzz-oooom” sound effect.

Earth Hour (5)

Five: Dance party time! We couldn’t end things without same flashlight-lit dance moves. Whatever your family’s favorite tune, crank it up and dance for the Earth.



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