Chalk K

Chalk K (3).JPGFor today’s tracing letter, Travis and I only used one material, and one that ended with the letter’s sound rather than began with it: chalk, that is!

First he traced upper case K and lower case k on paper. Travis has a difficult time remembering where the two diagonal lines exit out from the straight line, so I knew our 3-D version would be very beneficial today.

I set out three pieces of chalk: 1 long and 2 short.

Chalk K (1)

I challenged him to make big K, angling the chalk pieces correctly. After just a brief pause, he mastered the upper case.

Chalk K (2)

Now for the real trick: could he convert it into lower-case k, moving the chalk pieces only slightly?

He didn’t miss a beat! Kudos, Travis!

Chalk K (4)

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