Indoor Sandbox Edible Sensory Bin

Edible Sandbox (3)

As a follow up to her first edible sensory tray, today I put together this easy indoor edible sandbox for Veronika… complete with snacks sprinkled in!

Fill a shallow bin with oats, and scatter in a few teething biscuits or toddler cookies (Veronika loves the organic Letter of the Day cookies from Earth’s Best).

Edible Sandbox (1)

Add a few cups or scoops and the bin is ready to go!

Edible Sandbox (2)

Veronika immediately got her hands in, and when she found the first cookie, her look was one of pure delight. Yum!

Edible Sandbox (8)

She kept digging through and loved scattering the oats around.

Edible Sandbox (6)

And she was intrigued when I showed her how she could scoop the mixture into the cups and shake them around, or pour them out.

Edible Sandbox (4)

Big brother wanted in on the action, too!

Edible Sandbox (9)

I loved watching the two of them have fun with this one together.

Edible Sandbox (10)

And because the oats are dry, this sensory bin is remarkably easy to clean up! Have a blanket underneath your baby that you can simply shake into the trash, and anything left behind will sweep up in a pinch.

Edible Sandbox (7)


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