Paper Clip Challenge

Paperclip Challenge (8).JPG

Travis and I took the day off from tracing, but I challenged him with this activity that hones fine motor skills and sorting skills – two great things to work on in the summer before kindergarten!

First, I cut construction paper into squares using four different colors. Each color corresponded with a colored paper clip.

Paperclip Challenge (1)

The goal was to gather all the paper slips of one color, and affix them together with the corresponding paper clip.

Paperclip Challenge (2)

He was an avid participant, combing through the pile of papers to make sure he didn’t miss a single one.

Paperclip Challenge (3)

When it came time to clip on the paper clip, I realized he’d never used one before! I showed him how the end with two loops will naturally slip over a stack of paper, one loop in front, one behind, and hold them together. This was like magic to my 5 year old!

Paperclip Challenge (4)

Needless to say, he eagerly began searching for the next color. “You have all the green,” I said, pointing toward the green paper clip. “Nope, missed one!” His eyes are better than mine!

Paperclip Challenge (5)

At the end, he had four neat stacks.. .and loved the task so much that he wanted to play with the paper and clips for some time after.

Paperclip Challenge (7)

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