Silly Symmetrical Socks

Symmetrical Socks (6).JPG

Travis has been learning about symmetry lately, but this was the first time I challenged him to make something symmetrical without a template to follow. He was gamely up for the challenge!

I folded a piece of paper in half and drew a sock. How many socks did I have? I asked him. One, he guessed.

Symmetrical Socks (1)

I unfolded the paper to reveal… two socks! He thought this was a neat trick.

Symmetrical Socks (2)Now it was time to add silly decorations. For each one, fold a piece of paper in half and cut out shapes or designs. Travis loved discovering each time that he had duplicates of each shape.

Symmetrical Socks (3)

I helped Travis ponder where on the socks each shape needed to go to keep them symmetrical. At first he had things a little reversed (the heel of one sock and the toe of the other, for example) but as he worked, he got the hang of it!

Symmetrical Socks (5)

This is a simple and quirky project that will give a great visual about symmetry to little learners.

Symmetrical Socks (4)

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