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I had a nice realization this morning that Veronika never uses a newborn’s instinctual cries of “neh” or “heh” or “eh” anymore. Her babble is big baby babble!

My favorite these days is when I catch her in avid conversation, usually either with her food or her toys. She’ll try out new sounds (p and w are favorites in her repertoire these days), and it looks like she has a whole animated story going on in her head.

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Today I made a point of talking back. Whether I imitate her consonants and vowels or use real words, Veronika looks so pleased when she “talks” with us.

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For further fun, I sat her down with big brother Travis and let the two of them have a “chat.” Travis – who is so eager for Veronika’s first word – loved this game, which soon had them laughing between the babbles.

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Here’s a quick clip of a chat today!

Any activity like this will only help foster your baby’s language development, so talk early and often.

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