Banana Talk

Banana Talk (3)

This quick game was an adorable way to play with Veronika at mealtime. It’s about concrete learning on the one hand – vocabulary, taste, texture – but also introduces a playful silliness that your baby can understand now, at eight months old. Banana phones are a classic of a reason!

I came over to Veronika’s tray carrying a banana up to my ear. Hello hello hello? I had a quick chat into the phone, and passed it to her.

Banana Talk (1)

She looked at it in wonder and wanted to grab for it, of course.

Big brother wanted to have a quick turn on the phone call too!

Banana Talk (2)

Next I turned back one edge of the banana peel and let her pull it the rest of the way down. Bananas are the perfect process food!

Banana Talk (4)

She looked amazed as she worked her way around the whole peel – and then of course we broke off bites to eat and share!

Banana Talk (5)


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