Indoor Hide-and-Seek

Indoor Hide Seek (7).JPG

This stay-put version of hide-and-seek will introduce your baby to the concept of the game… and is sure to get a whole lot of giggles!

First, I set up a tent. Place two small chair nears each other, and weight each one down with a heavy book to avoid topples or accidents.

Indoor Hide Seek (1)

Drape a sheet over the chairs. Your tent is ready!

Outside of the tent, I had Veronika play with a stuffed animal friend (named Marshmallow), much to her delight.

Indoor Hide Seek (2)

Then, I placed him behind the sheet. She looked around, suddenly confused.

Indoor Hide Seek (6).JPG

“Where’s Marshmallow?” I asked. Together, we shined a flashlight on the sheet.

Indoor Hide Seek (3)

She seemed quite curious. I lifted up the edge of the sheet and… There’s Marshmallow!

Indoor Hide Seek (4)

Not only was she clearly delighted at the reveal, but she wanted to be the one to hold the flashlight and “find” him.

Indoor Hide Seek (5)

We played several rounds of the game like this before it was time for advanced hide-and-seek: where’s Veronika!

I put her under the sheet with Marshmallow, and lowered it down. Very quickly (so she didn’t get startled or scared), I lifted the sheet and said, “I found you!”

Indoor Hide Seek (9)

Needless to say, this version was also a big hit.

Indoor Hide Seek (10)

I hope you and your baby love this one as much as Veronika and I did!

Indoor Hide Seek (8)

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