Saying Hello for the First Time

Say First Hello (2)

As Veronika navigates the “stranger danger” phase, a very normal developmental step for babies, I’m thinking a lot lately about the best way to introduce her to new family and friends. This week, she even did drop-off day care which was excellent practice!

When we entered the facility, I first held her in my arms so she could see the caregivers from a safe place. I pointed out toys that were familiar and that she likes best from home. At the top of her list these days: an “exersaucer” or anything musical.

Say First Hello (1)

Her face did crumble when she was handed off into the caregiver’s arms, but I returned to hear that she had been “totally chill” and calm!

She was happily sitting on the caregiver’s lap, involved in a storytime for the bigger kids. These kinds of gentle first hellos make a big difference and I’m glad I’m tackling “stranger danger” early instead of letting it linger.

Here are a few other tricks, whether you’re placing your child in a day care setting or inviting people over to the house.

Encourage guests to get down to your baby’s level. I sit Veronika down in her favorite play area and let her get busy, pointing out a few favorite toys.

Say First Hello (5)

Pretty soon, she’s not only playing happily but also engaging shyly with visitors.

Say First Hello (4)

She does a lot of looking to me, as if to say, “Is this ok mom?”. Make sure to reassure your little one with smiles.

Say First Hello (7)

In no time at all, there was a happy storytime taking place, her back turned to me, clearly at ease.


Say First Hello (8).jpg

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