Magnetic Hearts

Magnetic Heart (10).JPG

This quick craft not only teaches about the topic of symmetry, but is also a fantastic way to explore the properties of magnets!

To cut out symmetrical hearts, fold cardstock in half and draw half a heart; cut out.

Magnetic Heart (1)

I thought to only have Travis help cut out the accompanying two long rectangles we would need from each color of cardstock, but he insisted on cutting out the heart himself – great practice along curves!

Magnetic Heart (2)

Open up the paper to reveal a symmetrical heart, then cut it in half.

Magnetic Heart (4)

Fold the rectangular strips you’ve cut out accordion style to form 5 pleats.

Magnetic Heart (5)

Fold this strip around itself to form a square and use tape or glue to adhere shut.

Magnetic Heart (6)

Tape a magnet to one side of the square, facing towards the center of your heart.

Magnetic Heart (7)

Tape down onto the heart and repeat on the other side.

Magnetic Heart (8)

Now, your two heart halves will snap together!

Magnetic Heart (9)

The other fun way to do this is to deliberately set up the magnets to repel each other. Travis loved chasing halves of hearts around the play room this way!

Magnetic Heart (13)

As you play, have a quick talk about attraction and repulsion in magnets, and you’ll have thrown a little learning into the fun.

Magnetic Heart (12)


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