Proportional Pie

Proportion Pie (6)

Much like the magnetic hearts that Travis and I crafted today, this project is a fun way to teach kids about symmetry… With the added bonus that it’s edible!

Unlike linear symmetry, this project shows circular symmetry. You can point out to your child things in nature that show symmetry in a circle like this, including starfish and spider webs.

For the ready-to-eat equivalent, bake a pre-made pie shell according to package directions and let cool. (Note: A convenient vegan go-to is Wholly Wholesome).

Spoon a thick layer of non-dairy yogurt into the pie.

Proportion Pie (1)

Set out plates of berries or other fruits for your child to use as decoration and score the top of the yogurt so the pie is divided into 4 equal portions.

Proportion Pie (2)

(Note: Bigger kids might want to do this with six portions, but four seemed easier for my kindergartner to handle).

I placed a strawberry in one quarter of the pie. How many strawberries should each of the other three sections receive? Travis quickly added 1 strawberry to each.

Proportion Pie (3)

Next I placed two blueberries in one section. At first he placed his blueberries any which way, but I showed him how to place them not just in the right quadrant, but also the same place.

Proportion Pie (7)

“Is it ready to eat?” he wanted to know. Almost!


Proportion Pie (4)

We added just a few more blueberry and strawberry decorations to help him see the symmetry, and then it was time to scoop into the pie. What delicious fun!

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