“Cooking” with Flour

Cooking with Flour (10).JPG

Many parents I know resist flour play, saying it’s either too messy or too much of a hassle. But I love this sensory material for babies. First, it’s edible, so no worries if little fingers make it up to little mouths. Second, as long as you cover your surface, clean-up is a breeze. Set down an old shower curtain or plastic table cloth for this one, and you’ll be able to contain the mess.

I stripped Veronika down to just a onesie (go all the way to the diaper for even easier clean-up!), and gave her a few measuring spoons and cups. She was having fun already, and wondering about this interesting bag.

Cooking with Flour (1)

I sprinkled a little pile of flour in front of her. In went the hands right away!

Cooking with Flour (2)

There are so many ways to play with flour and your baby. Demonstrate how to make squiggles in it.

Cooking with Flour (7)

Use the spoons and cups to scoop and pour.

Cooking with Flour (8)

Sprinkle a little light dusting of flour over toes and hands for a tickly sensation.

Cooking with Flour (3)

And just get good and messy!

Cooking with Flour (4)

She loved wiggling her legs through the flour until her thighs were completely coated!

Cooking with Flour (9)

Basically she just had a blast, which gave me time to get a few other things done in the kitchen.

Cooking with Flour (6)

When we were done, I just plopped her right in the bath!

Cooking with Flour (5)


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