Baby’s First Tunnel

First Tunnel (6).JPG

Do you find yourself trying to encourage a budding crawler these days? Then make the temptation irresistible with a tunnel!

Right now, eight-month-old Veronika loves leaning forward to get to her toys, and my hope was that creating a tunnel archway would encourage her into a true first crawl. First, I tried to entice her with an open box.

First Tunnel (2)

Hmm, the box looked interesting, and got lots of smiles.

First Tunnel (3)

But she didn’t actually try to crawl through it.

First Tunnel (1)

Next up was a mommy tunnel! This definitely got her attention.

First Tunnel (5)

She played with my feet at first, but then made moves to go through the archway. Still, she gave up after a few tries reaching for a toy on the other side.

First Tunnel (7)

This is also a great game for getting siblings involved, who may want to make a leg tunnel, or perhaps do a backbend and see if baby goes through that way! We’re hoping to have a true crawler soon!

First Tunnel (8)

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