Wonderful W

Wonderful W (2).JPG

Ok, we didn’t make W with any materials that begin with the letter, but Travis had good fun tracing and crafting this letter-of-the-day.

He loved discovering that double-u actually is more of a double-v. As he traced, we said, “down, up, down, up,” which served as a good reminder once the tracing line was removed.

This verbal cue also helped once we set out to make 3-D versions of the letter.

First up was markers! He positioned them as two v’s (down, up, down up) and so was able to see how the four markers should come together.

Wonderful W (1)

Next, we used two pairs of pants, as we did a few weeks back for the letter M.

Wonderful W (3)

Again thinking about “down, up, down up”, he was able to position them correctly.

Wonderful W (4)

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