Easy Snowflake Craft

Easy Snowflake Craft (4)

Here’s a quick snowflake craft for toddlers to put together. Depending how many your child wants to make, you can hang just one in a window or create a whole snowstorm of them!

Ideally I would have had two shades of blue paper for this project, but since I only had dark blue, we scribbled all over a piece of white paper with blue crayon. Of course Veronika was a very happy scribbler! Now we had two shades of blue, which I then cut into strips about 1-inch wide.

Easy Snowflake Craft (1)

Use a glue stick to arrange 5 or 6 strips of paper into a snowflake shape.

Easy Snowflake Craft (2)

Next, I poured a little white paint into a paper plate and showed Veronika how to dip in a q-tip and dot onto the snowflake. She loved this painting method!

Easy Snowflake Craft (3)

Let dry, then hang in the window like a giant snowflake drifting down. This is the perfect craft to look at while we wait for winter to give us the real thing!

Easy Snowflake Craft (5)


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