Wrapping Paper Stocking

Wrapping Paper Stocking (8)

As you wrap gifts this holiday season, no doubt you’ll end up with just as many scraps and small bits of wrapping paper as I do. So after some early gift wrapping today, I gave Veronika the leftovers!

She loved looking at all the different patterns before we even started crafting with them, particularly seeing images of Santa Claus and Christmas trees.

Wrapping Paper Stocking (1)

I then gave her a glue stick to smear all over a piece of green construction paper and showed her how to add the scraps of wrapping paper any which way.

Wrapping Paper Stocking (4)

I made sure to leave a little space blank at the top, but other than that, all the placement was up to her!

Wrapping Paper Stocking (5)

Once the glue dried, I cut out a simple Christmas stocking shape, and wrote her name at the top.

Wrapping Paper Stocking (6)

This makes a great decoration to hang around the holidays and is great for early name recognition, too!

Wrapping Paper Stocking (7)


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