Felt Ornaments, 3 Ways

Felt Lollipop (2)

Fancy store-bought ornaments are beautiful, but my favorite ones from over the years have been the homemade ones. All you need for these three options are sheets of felt from the craft store and a little glue!

Felt Lollipops:

For the first version, stack 4 colors of felt together and cut into 3/4-inch wide strips. Glue the layers together at one end with tacky glue, then begin rolling up, adding dots of glue periodically. The mechanics of this were a bit tricky for Travis, but he started to get the hang of it!

Felt Lollipop (4)

Glue the loose ends of each felt color down, then wrap with a rubber band to hold everything in place as the glue dries.

Felt Lollipop (6)

Once dry, glue a loop of string onto the back, along with a lollipop stick. I found that hot glue was better for this step than tacky glue. These looked delicious hanging from the tree!

Felt Lollipop (1)

Felt Garland:

For the garland, cut many two-inch pieces of felt and begin using hot glue to attach them in two long strands. We made one that was all purple, and one that alternated light and dark green. The purple felt was cut thinner, and in retrospect I would have done the green strip just as thin.

Felt Garland (2)

Place a heavy book on one end of the two stands, then begin winding them together, securing with a clothespin at intervals.

Felt Garland (3)

Once it looks the way you want, use hot glue at the ends and everywhere else you had a clothespin. String around the tree as a garland!

Felt Garland (5)

Felt Ribbon Candy:

For the final version, we cut three colors of felt into 1-inch wide strips. Glue them together with tacky glue, then start folding the strand over itself, accordion-style, adding a drop of glue after each fold. Add a rubber band to hold it together until the glue dries.

Felt Ribbon (2)

Now just add a string with one more drop of glue, and it’s ready to hang on the tree!

Felt Ribbon (3)

Which one do your kids enjoy making the most? Please share in the comments!

Felt Garland (6)


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