Extra-Easy Melting Snowman

Easy Melted Snowman (3)

Veronika has enjoyed snowmen crafts lately, but since she’s too young to draw a snowman shape herself, the activities have required a lot of mommy guidance. The solution to letting her paint her own way? A melted snowman!

We made puffy paint yesterday that she loved so much I decided to use it again for this craft, although you can use regular white paint in a pinch. In a tray, I mixed up equal parts white glue and shaving cream until we had a puffy, sticky mixture.

Easy Melted Snowman (1)

She immediately started brushing it over a piece of construction paper. Anywhere at all was fine; this snowman has melted under the winter sun!

Easy Melted Snowman (2)

I made a second messy painting alongside her so we could have companion snowmen. Once the puffy paint dried, we used a glue stick to attach all of the accessories. Again, these can go anywhere on the paper that your toddler wants!

We added hats, carrot noses, and mittens cut from construction paper, and red pom poms for buttons.


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