Handprint Menorah

Handprint Menorrah (6)

We don’t celebrate Hanukkah, but we have family and friends who do and wanted to mark the occasion with a few crafts. This keepsake handprint menorah is perfect to send to relatives!

To start, I needed to paint Veronika’s hands with three colors of washable paint, which I worried would be a wriggly and messy affair. But she held absolutely still, fascinated. White went on her palm, yellow on her fingers, and orange at the tips to be the candle flames.

Handprint Menorrah (3)

Cross your child’s hands so the left is on the right side of the paper and the right on the left. The pinkies should overlap, or you’ll have one candle too many!

Handprint Menorrah (2)

Her print was complete and I let it dry before covering with contact paper. It makes a lovely, durable card this way!

Handprint Menorrah (8)

Meanwhile, she loved having her hand painted so much that she wanted to do it herself a few times. I left her quite happy with extra paint and a spare piece of paper.

Handprint Menorrah (4)

Happy Hanukkah to those who celebrate!

Handprint Menorrah (7)

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