Christmas Doorknob Decoration

Christmas Doorknob (6)

Here’s a sweet Christmas decoration that toddlers will feel so proud to have made when they see it hanging around the house!

To start, I cut two shapes from felt. On pink felt (or red would work, too), I traced a 4-inch circle, then cut a smaller circle in the center, as well as four slits that would allow it to slip over a traditional round doorknob.

I then cut a Christmas tree shape (about 7 inches tall) on green felt. Use hot glue to attach the two together.

Christmas Doorknob (1)

Now it was up to Veronika to decide how to decorate! I helped her squeeze tacky glue all over the tree, and then she liberally dumped on red sequins and red and green beads.

Christmas Doorknob (2)

“Look at all the sparkles!” she said, as she let them trickle down.

Christmas Doorknob (3)

I only helped now and then by adding extra glue or pressing on a bead in a few places, otherwise it was all up to her.

Christmas Doorknob (4)

Once the glue dried, it looked beautiful hanging on a hallway door.

Christmas Doorknob (5)


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