Palm Puppets

Palm Puppets (6)

These quick puppets are easy to put together and can be decorated to look like just about any character your child desires!

They’re called ‘palm’ puppets not in reference to the palm of your hand, but because puppets like these were originally made from palm fronds in countries like India. You can replicate the idea with thick paper.

Both kids had high enthusiasm when I suggested the craft to fill a winter afternoon, and they were soon busily drawing their characters. To make sure your puppet has a front and back, fold a piece of construction paper in half and draw the head where the paper is creased.

Palm Puppets (1)

Travis proudly drew a favorite Star Wars character, while Veronika was happy just to scribble at his side!

Palm Puppets (2)

Cut out the bodies and then tape onto straws. (Note: You could also staple the bodies to the straws or use glue, but tape was quickest). I then cut 4 rectangles for each puppet to be the arms and legs. Poke a small hole in each rectangle, as well as in the body of the puppet where the limbs will attach, then insert a brad at each joint.

Palm Puppets (3)

The puppets arms and legs will flap about if your child rubs the straw briskly between their palms. If the limbs aren’t moving, check that your brads aren’t too tight.

Palm Puppets (5)

Obi-Wan Kenobi soon had a blue light saber!

Palm Puppets (4)

Meanwhile Veronika loved the Baby Yoda we made.

Palm Puppets (7)

Whether spinning them or just waving these puppets around for make-believe play, this was a great craft for a cold afternoon.

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