Christmas Bag

Christmas Bag (5)

If you have lots of  Christmas-themed tidbits in your craft bin, here’s the perfect craft to use them up. And you can put it to good use once it’s finished, too!

I gave Veronika a brown grocery bag and set out lots of odds and ends that she could use to decorate. She especially loved an assortment of felt stickers, including tree lights, silly animals skiing, and candy cane shapes.

Christmas Bag (1)

Peeling the backing off the stickers was excellent exercise for her little fingers!

Christmas Bag (3)

I also gave her a glue stick and some leftover gift ribbon. She smeared the glue stick all over the bag and then pressed down pieces of the ribbon.

Christmas Bag (4)

I thought she might want to use markers in red and green, too, but she declared the bag finished and looked so proud of her work.

Christmas Bag (2)

This festive bag now has a useful purpose! On Christmas morning, make it your toddler’s special bag to store all their gifts in (especially those tiny stocking stuffers!). That way nothing will be misplaced.

Christmas Bag (7)


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