Squishy Button Sorting Bag

Color Sort Buttons (3)

This cute twist on a regular squishy sensory bag adds the concept of sorting into the mix! Squishing buttons through the hair gel inside will be an absolute delight for toddlers and preschoolers alike.

To set up, I drew two circles on a large zip-top plastic bag with sharpies, using colors that corresponded to buttons in our craft bin. Next, squirt in a generous amount of hair gel, then add buttons in at least two colors. (Note: You can make this harder for preschoolers with additional colors). Seal tightly, adding duct tape to the seal if you worry your child might want to open the bag.

Color Sort Buttons (2)

First I just let Veronika experiment with how the bag felt. She loved squishing the buttons through the gooey insides of the bag…

Color Sort Buttons (4)

…or pressing her hands down firmly on top of it.

Color Sort Buttons (6)

Once she’d had time to explore, I showed her that she could nudge the buttons deliberately, each one toward the correctly colored circle. She picked up on the idea right away, although occasionally I had to help her with the fine motor skills needed to scoot a button in the right direction.

Color Sort Buttons (5)

To mix up the activity, I then showed her how the bag looked with the buttons completely sorted. Then it was up to her to scatter them! In sum, this was a nice variation on an idea that never gets old.

Color Sort Buttons (7)


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