Hammering Tees into a Box

Hammering Tees in Box (7)

Here’s a riff on an activity that Veronika recently enjoyed, hammering golf tees into a large block of Styrofoam. She wanted a repeat, but because I didn’t have any Styrofoam on hand we tested out hammering the tees into a regular old cardboard box!

I had to make the first hole for each tee, since initially getting through the cardboard takes a bit of muscle, especially with only a toy hammer.

Hammering Tees in Box (1)

Veronika loved watching as I added the bright pink, orange, and green tees, and immediately wanted to help out with a few whacks.

Hammering Tees in Box (3)

Once you’ve created each hole, your toddler can take over. Veronika could pull the tees from the holes…

Hammering Tees in Box (2)

…and then insert them again, which is excellent for fine motor skills! She would either hammer them down or sometimes just pop them down with a thumb.

Hammering Tees in Box (4)

Overall, this was a simple but nice way to keep a toddler busy.

Hammering Tees in Box (5)


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