Ping Pong Spinner

Ping Pong Spinner (2)

Here’s a way to make a spinning top entirely from recycled materials around the house!

First, you’ll need either need a blank CD or an old one that you’re ready to part with. (Bonus points: have the kids help raid your old CD rack and watch them marvel at music from the dinosaur age).

We traced the CD on construction paper and then colored in; the more colors the better, since they will whirl together when the spinner spins. Glue onto the CD.

Ping Pong Spinner (1)

The next step is a grown-up one since you’ll need hot glue. Attach a bottle cap over the top center of the CD (our glue bottle was empty just in time!) and then hot glue a ping pong ball in the center underneath.

Ping Pong Spinner (3)

Time to spin! Of the various tops we’ve played with and made lately, this one spins by far the longest, with an almost effortless twist of the hand. We must have gotten the balance just right, because it just kept going and going and going…


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