Tipping Egg Toy

Tipping Egg Toy (9)

Here’s a silly DIY bobble toy, for which all you need is a leftover Easter egg, either plastic or wooden.

We used a wooden one because we wanted to paint it first. Little blue pants, an orange tie, and a thick black mustache made a dapper looking little fellow. Kids could also paint their egg more like traditional Easter eggs, with dots or stripes.

Tipping Egg Toy (1)

Travis giggled when he saw the little fellow!

Tipping Egg Toy (2)

Next, you’ll need to add a weight in the bottom half of the egg. Travis loved pressing clay down into the bottom of ours, and we added a marble for good measure. If you have no clay, you may need to secure your weight with hot glue.

Tipping Egg Toy (3)

Give it a push with a finger and watch your egg wobble up and down, thanks to the weight at the bottom!

Tipping Egg Toy (7)

Here he is in mid-motion!

Tipping Egg Toy (6)

As a bonus, Travis loved playing with leftover clay for a while after, being artistic in a way I haven’t seen from him in quite a while!

Tipping Egg Toy (8)


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