Teach Your Child To… Take a Cell Phone Photo

Take a Photo (2)

This month’s how to from Parents magazine is both practical and fun. Teaching your child how to take not just any pic but a good pic with a cell phone will not only make them feel proud and artistic, but also comes in handy for all those times you want to be in the picture.

Parents did a great job of breaking this down into 5 easy steps.

First, I showed Travis where the lens viewer was, so he would understand not to cover it up with his fingers. No more thumbs in photos!

Next, we talked briefly about portrait versus landscape as the orientation. I told Travis to remember to hold the phone horizontal as the default.

Now it was time to line up a shot. A trip to a local art museum was a great chance for him to zero in on interesting subject and practice. He really started to get the idea of making sure the full object was in frame as he wanted, from top to bottom.

Take a Photo (1)

The fourth task was to show him how to press the circle shutter button quickly, then release. Finally all he had to do was…hold steady! Not a bad shot!

Take a Photo (5)

He was so proud making his way through the museum and finding items that were photo-worthy. And look: Mom even made it into a picture for once!

Take a Photo (3)


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