Bubble Fun

Bubble Fun (4)

Veronika loves the end of her toddler gym class when the teacher pulls out a bubble machine, sending multiple bubbles out at once. We made this low-tech version for fun on the patio this morning!

Cut two straws in half so you have four pieces, and secure in the middle with masking tape. Trim the edges so they line up to the exact same length. That’s it!

Bubble Fun (1)

Pour a little bubble solution into a plate or dish, and dip in one end of the straws. You’ll get not one but lots of little bubbles at once.

Bubble Fun (3)

Veronika was so proud that she could make bubbles appear all by herself, huffing into the straws!

Bubble Fun (6)

In sum, this made for quick and fun bubble play on a morning just warm enough to feel like spring.

Bubble Fun (5)


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