Pretend Airplane and Rocket Play

Set up Airport (2)

We’re marking the one-year anniversary of the COVID-19 pandemic, and still searching for novel ways to fill long days indoors. Here’s a simple twist on couch cushion play to keep things novel!

I pulled out all the couch cushions and simply told the kids it was an airplane, a little bit of imagination required; two long pillows formed the body and the two back pillows jutted off to the sides as the wings.

Set up Airport (1)

From there, the imaginative play was up to them! They added stuffed animal passengers, and got a kick out me taking on the role of pilot to make landing and takeoff announcements. (Depending how many times your children have traveled by air, you’ll likely need to model this for them before they pick up the lingo).

Set up Airport (5)

My passengers’ favorite part? Not just having a snack when the “concession cart” came along, but being naughty and eating snack on the wings!

Set up Airport (3)

If your kids are familiar with airports, they can make a much bigger game of this. Ticket counters? Security check?

Set up Airport (7)

Veronika has never seen an airport, but she latched right on to the idea of baggage claim. We packed up a little suitcase with some of her summer clothes and I placed it on the edge of the couch for her to claim.

Set up Airport (6)

She quickly ran over and was soon busy unpacking!

Set up Airport (8)

Why stop at the limits of Earth’s atmosphere? A little more imagination and a quick switch-up of the pillow configuration, and it swiftly became a rocket instead.

Trip to Space (1)

Here goes Veronika on a space walk!

Trip to Space (2)

We made pictures of the planets so we could decide which one we were zooming to.

Trip to Space (3)

This little astronaut needed her space suit on!

Trip to Space (4)

Again, your kids might want to get much more detailed with the game, especially if they’re older. Moon boots? Buttons and command controls inside the space ship? Experiments on board? We’d love to hear your how imaginative play goes, in the comments!

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