Tin Foil Easter Egg

Tin Foil Easter Egg (6)

Here’s a simple and lovely way for toddlers to make Easter egg art, with the extra thrill of getting to use permanent markers!

You’ll need a cardboard base as the backing for each “egg”, and I find that thin cereal box cardboard is much easier to work with than cutting through old boxes. Cover each egg shape with aluminum foil, making sure it is flat and smooth on the side you’ll be decorating.

Tin Foil Easter Egg (2)

I set out sharpie markers, and Veronika and I each took an egg. She surprised me at first by making quite a few perfect circles! I hadn’t even known she could do that.

Tin Foil Easter Egg (3)

Then she began scribbling and drawing quite earnestly, telling me all about the colors she was using.

Tin Foil Easter Egg (5)

Meanwhile, I made designs on my foil egg with patterns in alternating colors, to show her how decorated Easter eggs can look. As with a recent “animal portrait” craft, I loved that one of these eggs was my grown-up example and one was purely her own toddler creation.

Tin Foil Easter Egg (8)

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