Easter Egg Creation Station


This fun toddler-friendly craft results in a beautiful Easter bunting to hang for the holiday! To start, you’ll need to paint several sheets of thick white paper. I wanted to paint these in pretty pastels, so mixed a little white paint into pink, light blue, and light green for an even softer spring effect.


Invite your toddler to come paint! Veronika wanted to use a sponge like a stamp, delighting in the oval she made with each press down onto the paper. Between her stamping and my help with a paintbrush, we soon had three pretty painted pages.


Of course there needed to be some exploratory hand-dipping in the paint, too! I left the pages to dry overnight, then traced an egg shape onto them in the morning and cut 4 eggs from each color.


I set the egg shapes out on a tray along with a few bits to decorate them (a.k.a. a “creation station”). Choices included cut up Easter-themed cupcake liners, squares of yellow tissue paper, and pieces of pink construction paper. Lace doilies would be pretty too, whether cut into strips or small pieces.


It’s up to your toddler to decide how to decorate! I set out a plate of glue that Veronika could smear liberally over each egg so that any scrap pieces she pressed down would stick.


She also liked trying to brush the glue directly onto the decorative bits, or otherwise exploring the materials in a sensory way. She tired out from decorating about halfway through the eggs.


That meant our final bunting alternated a plain painted egg with a decorated one, which actually was a nice effect.

Easter Egg Creation Station a

Once the glue dried, I attached the eggs to a string and suspended the bunting above the kids’ table.

Easter Egg Creation Station c


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