Spring Flower Bouquet

Veronika loved pretend flower play to greet the spring a few days ago. Today, she got to craft her own flowers instead! As with the previous project, this is a great way to invite spring into your house as you wait for real flowers to be in full bloom.

And all you need is pretty cupcake liners and pipe cleaners! Pastel shades like pink or lavender would be great for “blossoms”, but I happened to have Easter-themed cupcake liners. That meant our final product will work well as an “Easter Bouquet”, too, to set as a table centerpiece.

To make each flower, poke a hole in the center of each cupcake liner with a pencil. Insert a green pipe cleaner and bend slightly to secure it in place.

If you want to make your flowers sparkly, squirt a little white glue on them first and liberally sprinkle on glitter. Veronika chose purple for this step, which was definitely her favorite part!

Once the glue dried, we gathered the flowers together into a bouquet, twisting the pipe cleaner stems together and securing with a yellow ribbon.




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